Anonymous: whats your kik account? i want to send you some pics and ask you something :) thankss

Feel free to email us your kik account if you’d like

Anonymous: Don't want to post my identity on here but I'm willing to trade photos and be your pet via kik. I'm 18 years old ! Post back and I'll send you my kik <3 much love you beauties <3

Hello, thanks for the love. Feel free to email us if you’d like to stay private also.

Anonymous: where do you buy your cute floral panties?!

She thinks victoria secret.

Anonymous: I will rub your backs and roll your blunts✨👌

Where have you been all of our lives?!? 

Anonymous: yes to threesomes? if yes please leave a kik account :)

Depends on the situation.

Anonymous: you guys are so fucking hot and cute at the same time

Thank you

Anonymous: Have you ever posted a pic where we can see your faces ? Or are you going to ?

Probably not

Anonymous: I would love to be your little pet, massaging you both and keeping blunts rolled. your blog is so sexy! your photos are beautiful(:

Hello, thank you. That sounds too amazing, we would love that! Come over now!!!