Just found my favourite secret blog

We like hearing we are someone’s secret


Bringing this back.

We wanna be flies in her room

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she’s getting it

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Anonymous: What's the 420 thing to celebrate :)

We are not sure what this means, but yeah!! :D 420 is always a fun celebration.

A little late,  but these are a few of the rolled flowers for our 420 night

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Morning streches

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Anonymous: I was just wondering, because you guys seen like avid smokers (just assuming so sorry if I'm incorrect), do you guys have careers? Only asking because I'm a college student trying to decide what to do and if smoking could limit choices. Thanks :)

You assumed correctly, we love burning flowers. We also have careers and  we think smoking can only limit your choices if you let it.  Most jobs will require a drug test to begin so keep that in mind.