Anonymous: Loved your blog, my girlfriend doesn't like taking pics (which I don't mind cause I'm very jealous & enjoy the thought of her body being seen only by me) so we can't really do a porn blog together. But we do enjoy sometimes scrolling throw tumblr together & seeing other people's blogs, & now, I know what new blog to show her later. Loved you guys, we'll enjoy following you

Hello, thank you for the kind words. We are glad you enjoy our tumblr together. If you guys ever change your mind and decide to post, please let us know.

Anonymous: The whole agressive bondage thoughts turn me on just thinking about it and reading about it makes me wet. But how does one enter that world. How does one start off? How does one find doms? Etc

Hello. We are not sure how to enter that world either. We have heard that some people join websites like fetlife or something similar, not sure how that is though, we have never joined a website for that. The way we got into was because tying a girl up has always turned me on.  I started with cheap restrains and then moved into rope. I also have found it extremely hot hearing a girl moan from the pain of my biting her.

If you are interested in it you should be honest with your partner and tell them that it turns you on and see how they react.  You can also tell your partner you want to watch porn together with him/her and pick a video that shows things you’d like to try. 

As far as doms go, we would tell you to be careful with doms online, from what we read and hear a lot of them are not genuine.

Good luck, be safe… and smoke weed everyday. 


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(Source: weednymphos)

Anonymous: I've only just discovered you guys, and you are my favourite blog I've ever come across on tumblr, hands down! I've been scrolling thru your blog for the past hour thinking "relationship goals" haha, you're both great!

Thank you, you are so sweet.  Reading this made us smile :D

Anonymous: my boyfriend and I are like your long lost twins. we love looking through your blog since it fits us perfectly.

Thanks, we are glad to hear you enjoyed our blog & that it fits you guys.


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It’s my first time submitting. I love your blog so much and I’ve been following for a while.
Stay awesome xx

Thanks so much for submitting. We love it.

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