Who wants to give me a weed allowance?

We will trade weed for back rubs.

Anonymous: I fell in love, with your love. The only thing I fell while scrolling through your blog was happiness. You gave me faith in love, literally. So ... Thank you !

You are welcome :) We almost didn’t post it so we could keep for ourselves. We love this message,  it has been one of the best messages we have ever gotten. We never imagined we would have that effect on anyone, it makes us smile. We love love.

Anonymous: Yes, the question was what you thought about watching porn and masturbating. I know it's normal for boys but even though i'm sure girls do it to, i think it is less common... So i wanted to know what you thought about it. Thanks for answering. Also your pictures really turn me on ;). Oh and btw, the weed that you have looks soooo good, i've never seen weed with that color and texture.

We think it’s less common also. We think it’s extremely hot, we would like to be a flies on the wall and just watch you make yourself cum while you watch porn. 

Hearing that our pictures turn you on is music to our eyes, thank you. Feel free to show us.

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Loft Session in Paris!  Same place than the weekly Place Des Cordes… I’m in Paris again for two weeks till 13 of july ;-)

I really need to learn suspension

Anonymous: Hi, I'm 18 years old and fell so hard for you guys!!!! I am on anon because I'm shy and scared for your answer but would you guys be interested in having a pet?:) I would love to be your guy's little gal♡

Hello. That’s so flattering. Don’t be shy, we promise we will bite, hard. And we might be a little bit interested. Feel free to message us not on anon.

Anonymous: omg you guys are engaged? thanks so great, congrats! if you don't mind me asking, did it happen recently or am i just super late in finding out? haha.

Thank you :) It happened about 2 months ago, we had not posted anything on tumblr though. It happened here.


She’s slowly showing me how to enjoy baths

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Anonymous: Are you guys engaged? It looked like there was a ring on one of the pictures?

Yes :D

Anonymous: Hey! I'm a girl and i like to masturbate while watching porn videos. I found some of them that are not so nasty or brutal as they always are. What do you think about it?

Hello, we are not sure if you are asking us about what we think about you masturbating while watching porn or that they are not as brutal. But we think it’s awesome that you know what you like. We also think watching porn and masturbating is a lot of fun, we do it as well. We would like it even better if you masturbated looking at our pictures.